Recommended resources: Springwise and Techcrunch

When you try to read news from multiple sources, you discover patterns of news diffusion: more specialized websites discover facts first, and a selection of their stories makes it into the general news of other websites. I do not mind diffusing stories from specialized websites once in a while (good stories deserve more attention, and it is ok when the source is given), but this week I decided to introduce two good sources directly rather than filtering the news for you. If you want to know things fast, follow these directly. The two sources are Techcrunch (mostly a website) and Springwise (also a website, but I prefer to just get the weekly newsletter).

Techcrunch is an influential blog about high tech startups. It was founded in 2005 by Michael Arlington from his home in California, but has expanded into a blog with a large editorial team. The blog covers almost anything interesting that happens to US startups, and has also expanded into product reviews and gadgets and organizing conferences. They also frequently offer video interviews for those who prefer listening over reading. I have to admit that I definitely do not read everything that is covered on techcrunch, but it is nice to scan the headlines to see what major deals happened over the weekend. Techcrunch for instance has a good background article about the two year history of Instagram. I like the fact that they have a European subsection (Techcrunch Europe) to make sure that European startups also get the attention they deserve. offers a weekly newsletter of new ideas, collected by a network of startups. The ideas are a mix of new companies, new products and social initiatives. This weeks newletter contained an app for finding graves on a large US cemetery, beehives on the top of the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York, and a company Wallaby that selects the best credit card for you. An interesting mix that not only gives you concrete ideas, but that also informs you what type of ideas is currently trending. Springwise was founded by Reinier Evers, who also founded They claim to have a network of 15.000 spotters. The managing director is Chris Kreinczes and he works from the Springwise London office.

What I like best about these sources is that they hardly overlap. Techcrunch offers the main events in internet startup scene and Springwise has many local initiatives that are not covered elsewhere.
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