a high speed startup

Ingrid Sloots, CEO and founder of, introduces herself not only as someone with corporate experience but also as a “girly girl”. She is genuinely passionate about her business domain: hairdressers, beautysalons and the like. About five weeks ago she had this idea for an online planning service/tool/platform for beauty salons, and on July 20th she talked about the first few weeks of her company.

Ingrid Sloots, CEO/founder of beautybookers

Ingrids Sloots presenting at the Lean Startup meet up meeting in Amsterdam

“We started at the Lean startup machine weekend where we won a best-analytics award. A few weeks later we participated  in the Startup Weekend Amsterdam to build further on the idea. In this weekend, I was excited to have a large team of people willing to help me. This mostly male team proved to be a very critical audience and thus really helped me discover and test the hypotheses behind the beautybookers idea”.

Ingrid was an invited speaker at the Lean Startup meet up, since she applies the lean startup principles to develop her company. This methodology revolves around putting learning central, launching quickly and adapting often based on what you learned. One of the most important aspects is ‘getting out of the building’ and talking to the real people that could become your customers.

“In the past 5 weeks we talked to at least 75 people, both customers and salon owners. To make it easier to connect to salon owner I asked the question from the perspective of opening a salon myself. This allowed me to ask about the IT systems they were using”.

Her early work seems to be paying off: she has already been nominated for the Marie Claire Starters award. If you want her to win, do not forget to vote.

Want to know more about Lean? Try to join a startup weekend yourself, join the Lean startup meetup organized by Robbert van Geldrop and others.

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