Do not miss out on Lean Startup machine Rotterdam event: October 26-28

At the latest ‘hackers and founders’ meeting (an informal get-together for both entrepreneurs and tech people), organiser Leon Pals announced that there will be a next ‘Lean Startup Machine‘ event in The Netherlands. It takes place in the weekend of October 26 -October 28 2012, and like the previous event it is in Rotterdam. 

This event is slightly more expensive than other startup weekends (around 200 euros per person), but they still believe to offer value: You validate your business idea and its assumptions in three days, and can help you save you up to 3 months of precious time. The focus of this weekend is really on validation: rather than prove that you can build a prototype in three days, they want you to validate the demand for your idea from real customers. The early bird tickets are already gone, so sign up quickly or miss out.

The preliminary schedule for this event is the following:

FRIDAY October 26
6:00 PM – Pizza’s & Pitches
7:30 PM – Teams Solidify
8:00 PM – Speakers
9:00 PM – Execute
11:00 PM – Venue Closes

SATURDAY October 27
9:00 AM – Doors Open
12:00 PM – Lunch Workshops
6:00 PM – Dinner Workshops
7:00 PM – Leader Meeting
11:00 PM – Venue Closes

SUNDAY October 28
9:00 AM – Doors Open
12:00 PM – Lunch Workshops
3:30 PM – Presentation Slides Due
4:00 PM – Judges Take Seats
6:30 PM – Winners Announced


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