Promote your business: put it on the map (updated)

Put your startup on the map – literally

Made in Amsterdam is the name of a new website that show you where startup companies are in Amsterdam. The initiative was started by Mick Niepoth and Edo van Royen. There is no profit motivation. I guess the goal is simply to help companies connect to each other and to show the world that Amsterdam is also a good location for startups. Indeed, while funding around Amsterdam is harder to get than in Silicon Valley, it is a lot easier and cheaper to find good developers in The Netherlands.

The map was inspired by a similar initiative in New York ( This list also shows which companies are hiring people. This would be a nice next step for made in Amsterdam as well.

There are some other initiatives around the same theme. Appsterdam is a meet-up for App developers in Amsterdam, and they should be applauded for finding such a great name. Everyone who hears the name remembers Amsterdam as a place to develop Apps.

Another initiative with focus on the Netherlands is Dutch Startupmap. Again this is a free initiative, similar in intentions but with a wider scope. I have added my company Slideshots to both these initiatives. Let’s see what meetings come out of it. If you have any results from a listing here, let me know.

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One Response to Promote your business: put it on the map (updated)

  1. François says:

    Amsterdam is indeed a vibrant place for startups. Thanks for mentionning these two sites. That’s two more places I’ve submitted my startup to.

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