Updates on Innabox, SellanApp, Favour.it

The summer is coming to an end and this means that several companies are now launching their product or service. Here are a few updates on what new things one can see at Innabox, SellanApp, Favour.it and some highlights from Y-combinator.

Innabox (previously discussed here) has launched their first mystery box made with a celebrity. Their celebrity is Janne Schra, the world-famous-in-The-Netherlands singer (previously in Room Eleven). She selected the contents of the box you can buy, and selected the charity that the profit goes to. You can order the box here.

SellanApp, the crowdfunding platform for Apps (we previously interviewed the CEO), has launched their platform for a closed alpha test. This means that selected producers are now adding their App ideas. If you want to join, best to contact them directly and ask if you can be involved.

Favour.it (where we also interviewed the CEO) has launched their product in a public beta. You can sign in using facebook, add your favourite products and see those of your friends. Their interface is quite radical: it looks good but some people find it hard to use. Please tell the team what you think.

Finally, in Silicon Valley, Y-combinator, an incubator program, has had it’s demo day. On Techcrunch you can read a detailed overviews here in four batches of the demos:

  • First Batch: BufferBox, Kippt, Airbrite, Amicus MicroEval, Vastrm, VoiceGem, 9gag, HubChilla, FundersClub, SpinPunch, Everyday.me, Double Robotics, SmartAsset, Submittable, Plivo Imgfave, Amicus
  • Second Batch: Flightfox, Mth Sense, Scoutzie, Instacart, Profig, Zapier, Coco Controller, Collections, Keychain Logistics, Parallel Universe, Survata, Sponsorfied, Filepicker.io, Referly, Rentio
  • Third Batch: GetGoing, Canopy Labs, Dreamforge, BigCalc, Easel, Kamcord, ReelSurfer, LeanMarket, TomoGuides, DataNitro, Eligible, Grid, HD Trade Services, TapIn, Tracks.by
  • Fourth Batch: Study Edge, Statwing, Hiptype, RegistryLove, Virool, Circular, Viacycle, QuicklyChat, Knowmia, Coinbase, Markupwand, Healthy Labs, Vayable, Tastemaker, Light Table, Clever

This overview of batches has been copied from the Techcrunch post with their top picks. Personally I liked Grid, a company trying to reinvent the spreadsheet for the tablet. Since I am a heavy spreadsheet user, I hope they, and all the other companies, succeed.

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