Congrats to Peerby for 2nd place in Postcode Lottery Green Challenge

Congratulations to Peerby, the Amsterdam based company for borrowing items from your neighbours. This weekend they presented their company in New York at the postcode lottery green challenge as part of the Clinton Global Initiative. They ended up joined second place. Hopefully the prize money and publicity of this contest helps Peerby expand their services.

Peerby is a startup that helps people borrow items locally. The company is an initiative of Daan Weddepohl and is part of the Rockstart class of 2012.

Like many other startups, there is a green angle to Peerby: “One eighth of the world’s CO2 emissions are from consumer goods. We help people share stuff and thus make sure fewer goods have to be produced”. However some companies are better than others to communicate their green aspirations, and this is were Peerby is doing well. Through their appealing ‘garden gnome logo’ and the combination of social connections and saving resources, they made an impression on the jury and beat 500 other contestants in the Postcode lottery green challenge.

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