Twitter is trending at Perfect Storm Europe

Perfect Storm Europe is a conference dedicated to the confluence of important technology trends. The organisers, led by chairman Ajit Jaokar, believe that the combinations of five trends (big data, cloud, mobile, smart systems and social media) creates an important event for companies that they need to respond to and startups can benefit from.

So what are the trends from this year’s conference? One important mention was twitter as the most underestimated social network for big data. Twitter is an ideal source for trend analysis because all communication is publicly available: there are no privacy issues with using the data since it is all public shared data. Secondly, twitter is fast and worldwide. Some companies that focus on Twitter are: founder Zlatan Menkovic

On the technology front, Hadoop was mentioned most often. It seems that this is now the preferred technology for handling Big Data. Friso van Vollenhoven from Xebia talked about his work. The cloud was listed as the best way to become flexible: If you use cloud computing your system can handle the peaks and swarms that are common in social media.

More photos can be found at this Perfect Storm Flickr set.

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