About EntrepreNL

EntrepreNL as a blog started in June 2012 to highlight and support entrepreneurship in The Netherlands. The recipe is simple: I write in a positive, critical way about initiatives that I am aware of, you respond with your comments and suggestions and show these initiatives to your friends. I will then take your and their comments back to the entrepreneurs and hope they benefit both from the attention and the suggestions.

I like writing for this blog and I enjoy doing the research for this blog. However: it is more motivating knowing that people read this blog and to know what they like and don’t like. So if you read this text, please either follow @entrepreNL on twitter, leave a comment on an article, or mail me with your suggestions (otterloo _at_ gmail . com for instance). Feedback is appreciated!

About the author: Sieuwert 

I have been active in the ‘start-up scene’ for a longer time. In 2001 I wrote my first business plan for a secure email product. Since 2005 I have been advisor to several startups. With these startups I discovered that there were not many very early investors in the Netherlands. It seemed logical to start one, and thus I founded Otterloo Ventures in 2010. This is a small privately owned fund that is does not have large sums available but that is able to invest early and decide quickly. Since 2010, I invested in four companies: sowiso, plot, appracadabra and SellanApp. Next to these activities I had a day job: first consultant at McKinsey&Company, later on head of consultancy at Software Improvement Group. Since July 2012 I took up the role of CEO at Slideshots. This company, that delivers photos for use in presentations, had started in october 2011 but really needed a dedicated team.

Sieuwert van Otterloo

Sieuwert van Otterloo: investor entrepreneur and advisor. 


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