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Creating a pitch? Pitchenvy shows you how

Pitchenvy is website that shows examples of presentations that previous startups have created to present their company to investors. The website was created by Seena Zandipour, entrepreneur and management student at University of California Merced. In this interview we talk … Continue reading

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Beautybookers.nl: a high speed startup

Ingrid Sloots, CEO and founder of Beautybookers.nl, introduces herself not only as someone with corporate experience but also as a “girly girl”. She is genuinely passionate about her business domain: hairdressers, beautysalons and the like. About five weeks ago she … Continue reading

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How to crowdfund your company on Symbid

With the recent remarkable successes at Kickstarter,(read more about some stories here)  it has become clear that crowdfunding (raising money from a large crowd of people, often through the Internet) can be used for significant investments. Kickstarter however is best … Continue reading

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