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Crowdfunding news: The launch of SellanApp and a worthwhile breast cancer book

With the launch of SellanApp this week, The Netherlands is becoming a hub of crowdfunding expertise in Europe. There is an interesting set of specialized players that can compete with the best known site Kickstarter in several fields. Whether you … Continue reading

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Kickstarter makes changes in response to crowd funding execution risks

On September 20th 2012, Kickstarter announced a few rule changes on their weblog in an article ‘Kickstarter is not a store‘. The changes are meant to enforce that Kickstarter is not a place where you buy products that are finished, … Continue reading

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How to start a semiconductor company: the story of GreenPeak

Launching a hardware innovation such as a real electronics product is said to be harder than launching a software product or service. But how much time, effort and money is really needed? We asked these questions to a veteran in … Continue reading

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