EntrepreNL becomes Startupjuncture

The blog entrepreNL will no longer be updated in 2013, because all new articles will be published at the successor blog StartupJuncture.


I started entrepreNL as a new blog in June 2012 to ensure I could write about the things I found interesting for Dutch Startup entrepreneurs without interference. In October 2012 however Wouter Kneepkens, Tijs Markusse, Samir Saberi and I (Sieuwert) discovered we had a common enthusiasm to write about and for Dutch entrepreneurs and we decided to join forces and create a common blog with a new name: StartupJuncture. All new interviews, reports and articles will be published at this new address. This blog will not disappear and you can still read all existing articles here.

Now that 2012 and this blog are closing, I would like to thank everyone who helped make this blog a success the past months: all CEOs and founders who agreed to be interviewed, all event organizers for the interesting events for entrepreneurs organised in The Netherlands, and all readers who read and responded to the articles.

About the authorSieuwert van Otterloo (twitter: @entreprenl) is a management consultant with a focus on IT-enabled business. He gives software related advice via the Software Improvement Group, startup and innovation advice via Inbys and manages his own venture fund Otterloo Ventures. He writes for Startupjuncture and Frankwatching.   

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